Sephora Collection - Contour Blush Palette

Sephora Collection - Contour Blush Palette

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Sephora Collection

Contour Blush Palette - $35.00 CAD

Made in China

Sephora Collection      Contour Blush Palette     (photo from

Description:  A pressed powder blush palette with six universally flattering shades.

What does:
Six spicy shades of matte and shimmer powder blushes bring depth and soft definition to cheeks.

This palette contains:
- 6 x 0.142 oz/ 4.03 g

Blush in: Rosy Nude (matte), Pink Peach (shimmer), Bronze (shimmer), Rust (shimmer), Rose (matte), Orange Peach (shimmer)

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens


     Cruelty Free?   Technically, no.  Sephora Collection does not test on animals themselves.  However, it is sold in China, where it is required by law to test on animals.  Tests are conducted by a third party.


      6 blushes @ $35.00 CAD makes each blush in this palette approximately $5.83 CAD each.  Not bad...but is the quality good?

     I'd say this palette is alright.  All six shades are relatively pigmented, they can be built up on the skin fairly nicely.  For myself, shade 1 is the least pigmented of the bunch, but it's nice for those days that you just want a bit of colour to the cheeks.  All shades are warm undertones, shade 1 leaning slightly more neutral/warm.

Shade 1: Matte,  Shade 2: Shimmer,  Shade 3:  Borderline Metallic,  Shade 4: Borderline Metallic ,  Shade 5: Matte,  Shade 6: Borderline Metallic.

     The description reads "Universally flattering colors in both matte and shimmer finishes..."  Shade 2 would be the only true shimmer in this palette.  What they claim is "shimmer" on shades 3,4 and 6 are really metallic, in my opinion.  Some could use these shades as blush toppers or even highlights.  Shade 1 is a true matte and Shade 5 shows minimal sparkle in the pan, but reads as matte on the skin.



Sephora Collection

Contour Blush Palette

Photo taken under 5000k fluorescent lighting


     The packaging on this palette is okay.  Doesn't feel spectacular, but doesn't feel like they totally crapped out either.  It sounds cheapie when you close it.  It costs $35.00 CAD, and it feels like you spent in and around that price, however, it has a clear plastic top, that is not flimsy by any means, I appreciate that. 

     You're getting 6 blushes @4.04 g per shade, making this palette come in at $5.83 CAD per blush or $1.44 CAD per gram.  This palette is relatively slim, measuring approximately 144mm x 105mm x 11mm.  It's compact enough to be travel friendly, I'd say, but maybe a bit large to be totin' around in a purse.


Sephora Collection

Contour Blush Palette

Swatches taken under 5000k Fluorescent Lighting


     As far as wear time on these blushes, I haven't experienced anything bad nor anything overly amazing either.  They're average blushes that last throughout the day on the cheeks, I'd say they averaged about 6 to 8 hours of wear before they began fading...but only minor fading.  All of that is subjective though, there are so many factors that would effect wear time of any cosmetic.

     There's no hair blowin' back anywhere here and I'm not about to call my mom or write her a letter to tell her about these, but there's nothing to complain about either.  If you're looking for some decent blushes and you enjoy the colours offered in this palette, then this might hold some value for you.  These blushes also are pigmented enough to be used as some very pretty eyeshadows as well.


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*This blog contains affiliate links*

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