MAC Snowball Collection (Holiday 2017) - Snow Ball Face Bag (Gold)

MAC Snowball Collection (Holiday 2017) - Snow Ball Face Bag (Gold)


     What it is:  (source)  A face kit featuring Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt (Pale gold shimmer) and exclusive rose gold-handled 140 Synthetic Full Fan Brush. ($99 Value)


Full Description: (source)  This party’s about to GLOW UP.  Our Snow Ball Face Bag is the queen of show-stopping luminosity.  An icy dusting of snowflake-embossed Extra Dimension Skinfinish glazes the cheekbones and décolletage, brightens eyes and gleams in all the right places.  Exclusive rose gold-handled brush and a sequined stunner of a bag included.  This is shimmer to dance for.  Extra Dimension Skinfinish: 7.5 g / 0.26 US oz it is...thee Whisper of Gilt.  I tried to get my paws on last year's limited edition of this, and now, I'm kind of glad I didn't.

     The Nutcracker Sweet packaging for the highlighter/blush duo drives me crazy.  I have the Peach Face Compact version, and every time I go to open it, I just get frustrated.  The MAC Select Compacts also come in the same type of packaging.  Argh.


     So, when this edition of Whisper of Gilt was announced, I was so happy to see that it was housed in a normal MAC-type compact...and on it's own.  I never use the blush that came with the Nutcracker Sweet compact.


     The brush.  I was actually surprised by the brush.  I mean, let's be honest here...MAC isn't exactly well known for super fantasical special edition brushes.  They have a decent track record of being...well...crappy.

     The 140SES is soft, dense and has good weight to it.  It's balanced well, so that when you're holding it to use, it doesn't feel awkward in any way.  I do find it a bit too large for using with highlighter, personally.  But, I don't tend to use fan brushes for highlight application anyways.  I use fan brushes as finishing brushes, at the end of my makeup application, to further blend everything on the skin.  For those that do use fan brushes for highlight, you might find this to be a bit too large for that purpose.


     I've swatched Whisper of Gilt below, along with some other well known highlighters, just to help show the undertone.

     Whisper of Gilt is a very warm toned gold.  It almost has a very minute amount of peachiness to it, in comparison to the rest shown.  It's warm, but not a yellow-gold, like Becca's Prosecco Pop or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Gold.  Becca's Opal has more pink undertones in comparison.

     Whisper of Gilt is beautiful, and I don't quite have any other highlight in my collection, that I could say is an exact match.  Was it worth buying?  Absolutely.





     The Snow Ball Face Bag is sold out online at MAC, however, I see it's still available online at Hudson's Bay in Canada.  You might also be able to find it in person, if you happen to live near a MAC store or Hudson's Bay with a MAC counter.


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