**This post contains Advent Calendar spoilers**


     Quo released their 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar for 2017.  This set contains 12 products, including:

  • 1x Lip Crayon (2g)

  • 1x Eye Shadow Crayon (2g)

  • 1x Cream Highlighter (5g)

  • 1x Eye Shadow Duo (2 x 1.8g)

  • 1x Mascara (0.5ml)

  • 1x Liquid Lipstick (3.5ml)

  • 1x Blush (1.6g)

  • 1x Eye Liner (0.6g)

  • 1x Lip Gloss (3.2ml)

  • 1x Large Blending Sponge

  • 1x Small Blending Sponge

  • 1x All Over Shadow Brush

     I purchased mine at Shoppers Drug Mart for $40.00 CAD +tax.


  To not completely ruin the surprise for those who might be actually opening this calendar each day...I've decided to just group together the products, just so you can see what you do get inside, for anyone who might be trying to decide if they would like to buy this calendar or not.


     For the most part, you're getting mini sizes in this calendar, with the exception of the Large Blending Sponge, the All Over Shadow Brush and I believe the Small Blending Sponge is available, in store, as well.  

     The Quo sponges I have long time experience with.  I've been using the large one for quite awhile now.  I've always liked the Quo sponge, it's a bit stiffer than a Beauty Blender, but because of that, I find you can achieve a fuller coverage with your foundation.  They've gone up in price a bit since I started using them.  They used to be $5.00 CAD, but now I see them for around $8.00 CAD.

     The All Over Shadow Brush is...well...your basic flat shader brush.  It serves it's purpose, nothing overly exciting, to be honest.  It works.  It's fine.

     The Liquid Lipstick is a formula that dries down fully, to a matte finish.  It's not horribly drying, I find, but I'm not a liquid lip kind of girl.  You can definitely feel that it is on your lips, however.  Pairing this with the Quo lip gloss included makes everything all kinds of odd and almost sticky.  The gloss on it's own isn't overly sticky, but the mixing of the two formulas creates a bad situation, in my opinion.  The gloss is basically clear, with micro sparkle.

     The lip crayon is very comfortable...almost too comfortable.  By that, I mean, it's very slippery.  Very pigmented and a lovely colour, but I'd maybe consider blotting it down after application because of it's slip.

     The eyeshadow duo is alright.  The grey colour has somewhat of a purple undertone, it was actually quite nice on the eyelid.  Fairly pigmented and blended very well.  I'm not huge on grey eyeshadows, normally, but the undertone of this one is just right.  I'll be keeping this duo just for the grey.  The white colour in the duo, however, should just go away.  It's mostly useless, with next to no pigmentation when swatched or applied to the eyelid.  The swatch of the white, below, is about 10 or so swipes.  It's really bad.

     The eye crayon is kind of a neutral-ie-warmish-taupie-sortof shade.  It's one of those shades that I call mink.  It's very pretty.  It blends very well, both on the upper lid and lower lash line...but that's because it doesn't really dry down to fully set on it's own.  I'd suggest using this crayon mainly as an eyeshadow base.  Or, to maintain it's finish, apply over powder.

     The blush is a warm toned pink, it's pigmented and soft and relatively powdery.  Actually, the kick up on this blush was pretty significant.  Knock of the excess before applying.  It's so soft and powdery, you'll see brush indents in the powder after using just once.

     The eyeliner is a basic pencil eyeliner.  It's really very black, pigmented and matte.  It glides smoothly, easy to work with.

     The highlighter is quite pretty.  I was surprised, if I'm being honest.  It is a pink  highlight, which I don't normally go for but it's a warm toned pink.  This cream highlight can be applied lightly for a very understated highlight, but it can also be layered for a more glowy shine.  I like this highlight enough, that I'll be on the lookout for the full size in store.




L to R: Highlighter, Lip Gloss, Liquid Lipstick, Lip Crayon, Eyeshadow Crayon, Eyeshadow Duo, Blush, Eyeliner


     I'm not totally up to date on my full size Quo prices, so I can't really break down the actual value on this advent calendar.  It would be more about the fun in opening each day, for the twelve days, and if you're new to Quo you might find some new products that you enjoy...or some to steer clear of.  

     Is it worth the $40.00 CAD?  Maybe, especially if you've really never dived in to the Quo brand. 

     If it were up to me, though, I would have switched out a few of the products in here for some other Quo products that are stand out items.  I like their lipsticks, they have beautiful foundations, maybe toss in a pair of their lashes instead of three lip products...all personal preference I suppose. 

Without knowing the cost of all of the full size products, it's hard to say.  But, my gut feeling says, if this were more in the $33-$35 range I'd be happier.  However, the highlighter, the eye crayon and the sponges makes this calendar worth checking out.


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The Face Shop - 12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

The Face Shop - 12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar 2016