Urban Decay - Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette [Swatches]

Urban Decay - Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette [Swatches]




$72.00 CAD

Bulk made in USA, Assembled in Dominican Republic

Is Urban Decay Cruelty Free? (source) Urban Decay is a cruelty-free brand and is committed to ending animal testing. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we allow others to test on our behalf. Additionally, we require our suppliers to certify that the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are not tested on animals. Our Brand is certified by both PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program (CCIC) as cruelty-free.

Is Urban Decay Vegan friendly? (source) Urban Decay certifies that our products marked vegan do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Please note that within a product category, such as Eyeshadows, some shades will be marked as vegan, and others will not. We have an ongoing initiative with our laboratories to not only create shades (and entire product lines) that are vegan from the start, but also to identify which of our non-vegan products can be converted. In many situations, plant-derived or synthetic alternatives to animal-derived ingredients become available. As long as we can deliver the same high-quality products with rich color and texture, we will convert that product to 100% vegan ingredients, so be on the lookout for new offerings.

     Urban Decay is owned by L'Oreal.  You can read about what L'Oreal has to say on animal testing here.


Heavy Metals includes 20 Metallic Eyeshadows.

Shades are described as:
Ground (black w/iridescent shimmer) 
Spandex (deep blue with purple shift and blue micro-sparkle)                                        Metalhead (deep purple) 
Mullet (deep green)
Twisted (gold) 
Aluminum (warm gray-taupe with iridescent micro-sparkle) 
Dive (medium blue) 
Punk Rock (fuchsia)
Amp (bright teal) 
Glamrock (silver) 
Bass (bronze) 
Demo (bronze-rose) 
Afterparty (red) 
Roadie (burgundy) 
Scream (mauve) 
Glory (golden bronze) 
Starfire (bright copper) 
Angelfire (pale pink) 
Maiden (beige)
Acoustic (nude)

     The Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette retails for $72.00 CAD and is labelled as limited edition.  It contains 20 Metallic Eyeshadows @ 0.03 oz or 0.8 g each.  Each shadow works out to $3.60 CAD each.  The total weight of shadows in this palette is 16 grams.  For $72.00 CAD, you're paying $4.50 CAD per gram plus taxes.

     The back of the palette states Bulk made in USA, Assembled in the Dominican Republic.  For some reason it states Brush: Made in China.  Was this palette supposed to come with a brush?  Mine didn't.


     Now that the cash breakdown is done...let's get the biggest negative of this palette out of the way.

   This point is a negative for myself...it may not be for you.

     The packaging.

     I haven't awarded a product with the Big ol' Price Is Right Losing Horn award since last year's Estee Lauder Real Cheeky Pure Color Envy Blush & Contour Kit (Holiday 2016).

     I get, from the description of this palette, that they were going for an artistic sort of vibe n' all and I can dig it. 

     I can also appreciate that they did something different and unique from all the other palettes out there. 

     But that's where the praise ends for me.  I don't like the packaging and I don't have to.  I shelled out the cash for this palette, and for myself, it hinders my experience with the product.


     This packaging, albeit nice on arrival...and would present well as a gift, with it's wow factor...and it might look cute sitting out on display somewhere, but...

     This thing is so clunky and awkward, it's an accident just waiting to happen.   If you have finger nails that are longer than 1mm, well, good luck with that.  I keep fairly short nails and even I just about dug out the shadows while opening the palette a few times.

     It's also quite heavy.  Weighing in at 419.3 g or 0.92 lbs.  The Afterdark Palette weighs 204.2 g and the Moondust Palette is 169.7 g, for reference.  Heavy Metals is basically one pound of palette.

     If you have a fingerprints-on-packaging pet peeve...you might want to avert your eyes now.


     Having the colours separated by a mirror might have been alright, if say, the palette folded in to the mirror on both sides or if the mirror flipped up and the separated colours folded out; à la BH Cosmetics Malibu Palette, as an example.   But, again, I get that that's not what they were going for.

     The boyfriend had a great idea for this package, though, if it were designed to lock in the center somehow and you would push-click the side of the palette that you want to use and it would slide out, but only as far as the opposite side of the mirror, exposing the shadows you want along with the mirror, while concealing the other side of the shadows inside of the purple case.  And when you close the palette, you'd push it back in and push-click to lock it.  The same would be for the other side of the palette, push-click open, expose half of the shadows and the mirror, conceal the rest inside of the palette.

Magnetic Push Latch Example

Photo from alibaba.com (source)

     Basically, like those magnetic pressure push latches you find on furntiture, like glass door entertainment centers or sometimes on bathroom cabinets, etc...


     On a side note, if you do get this palette or if you already have it now, make sure that it's fully closed when you're done using it.  I have visions of mistakenly thinking it's fully closed when I'm done with it, but really it's not, and the palette goes flying out of the side and crashing to the floor and my wasted $72.00 shatters my soul, all while happening in slow motion.


     Once I got passed the entire packaging ordeal and finished up taking photos with  gloved hands, I was able to finally move on to actually touching the product inside.

     In all seriousness...these shadows are absolutely beautiful...when swatched.  But, they don't translate the same on the eyelid.  At least not with any brush, synthetic and definitely not natural hair.  




Swatches Taken Under 5000k Fluorescent Lighting

     To get a somewhat metallic finish on the eyelids, I found, you must bust out the old school sponge applicator or at least a synthetic flat shader brush and wet it, but just with water.  Wet the sponge or brush, pick up the shadow and sweep it on the skin, don't pat it, sweep it on.  You will then get more of a metallic appearance to the shadow and the skin.  Doing this will take a shade like Angelfire, which is quite chunky, and make it much more metallic on the lid, instead of chunky and flaky.    

     Using these shadows with a dry brush, I just wasn't getting heavy metal vibes from them.

     I'm a bit torn on this one, I guess I was just expecting shadows that would be much more shiny on the skin.  Maybe my assumption on the name, Heavy Metals...I don't know.  But I can't help but feel a bit disappointed.


     I thought I would compare some shades from the Heavy Metals Palette vs. the Afterdark Palette.  This is just shade comparison, though.  These formulas are not the same, whatsoever.  

     The Heavy Metals formula definitely has a bit more shine to it, vs. Afterdark.  I also find the Heavy Metals formula to be more pigmented as well.




Vs. Urban Decay Afterdark Palette Swatches


     I also swatched a few Moondust shades, just to show colour-wise.  The Moondust formula is worlds off from the Heavy Metals, they are nothing alike.  Moondust is very glittery and shimmery.




Vs. Urban Decay Afterdark Palette Swatches w/ Moondust examples

     Do I regret buying Heavy Metals?  Absolutely not. 

     The formula is beautiful.  It's just not what I had expected, initially. 

     If the colours appeal to you and you don't mind the slight hassle that the packaging may propose, and if you're not expecting extreme metallic shine shadows that have a real "heavy metal" appearance, I'd suggest checking this out, absolutely. 

     You won't be disappointed in their pigmentation nor their blend-ability.  They blend easily and effortlessly.  

     I would just, personally, place these shadows more in the shimmer category rather than metallic.







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