HUDA BEAUTY - Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Warm Brown [Swatches]

HUDA BEAUTY - Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Warm Brown [Swatches]

Is Huda Beauty Cruelty Free?  I have no idea.  All I can seem to find, is random comments on their website, stating that it is, but nothing out in plain sight.  Not even on their packaging.

Is Huda Beauty Vegan Friendly?  Again, there is nothing in plain sight.

     People whom are looking for this information shouldn't have to spend any amount of real time trying to find the answers to these two questions.  This type of information should be stated on a company's website, readily available to anyone searching for answers.


     This palette measures approximately 3" x 3" x 0.5" in size.  It is very compact, and may throw off judgement in just how much you are actuallty getting in one of these.


HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Made In China

Ingredients (click to enlarge)

Description of this palette: (source)  Instantly bring light and warmth to your look with Huda’s go-to palette. Packed with 8 mattes and 1 shimmer in heated tones of browns, reds, oranges and copper, the colour range flatters any skin tone and eye colour.

     Obsessions Palette Warm Brown contains 9 shades with a total weight of 10 g.  Each pan contains 1.111 g of product.  This palette retails for $35.00 CAD, which works out to $3.50 CAD per gram of product.

     If we compare this palette to something like the MAC x9 palettes, for example...The MAC x9 retails for $42.00 CAD for 9 shadows with a total weight of 7.20 g.  The MAC x9 works out to approximately $4.666 CAD per shadow or $5.833 CAD per gram of product.

     Or, if you were to buy one of the Maybelline The City Mini Palettes at full retail price for $14.99 CAD, you'd be paying $3.75 CAD per gram for that palette @ 4g total weight.  That's some pricey Maybelline right there.


     This was my first experience with anything Huda Beauty.  The shadows in this palette are very soft and velvety feeling.  They're not overly powdery either, so no complaints there.  This palette contains a nice shade range, from a fairly light creamy warm beige all the way to a fairly deep warm plum-brown shade.  You can absolutely achieve multiple full looks with just this single palette, which I can appreciate.


     Where the lameness comes in, is in the "swatches" that are given to us on websites that sell these palettes.  In order to achieve the swatches they provide, you'd have to keep piling on and piling on the shadows.  I tried, with one shadow, to get something remotely close to their swatches...I applied 5 layers of a finger swatch and it still didn't look like their swatches.   Those types of "swatches" bother me, I'm not gonna lie.  I find them insulting and misleading.

     I've swatched this palette below, with a brush, as well with a finger.  You'll see the brush swatches on the left and the finger swatch to the right of that.

HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Warm Brown Swatches taken under 5000k Fluorescent Lighting

Brush swatch on Left Side; Finger Swatch on Right Side

     While I don't find these shadows to blow my hair back when swatched, they do apply very nicely to the eyelid and blend easily.  They are a very nice formula to work with and I am, overall, impressed by them.  This palette lives up to it's warm claim.  I don't think I'd consider any of these shades to be even remotely neutral.  They're all warm tones.

I may consider purchasing another palette from Huda Beauty, we'll have to see.  The more time I get to spend with this palette will determine that, in the end.  But, so far, no regrets on this purchase.  I really enjoy the shades offered in this palette.


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