shu uemura ganache and praline eye palette - La Maison du Chocolat collection (Swatches)

shu uemura ganache and praline eye palette - La Maison du Chocolat collection (Swatches)

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“Limited edition palette features 8 special eye shadow shades, exclusively designed for shu uemura 2018 holiday collection with La Maison du Chocolat.

Mix and match the irresistible shades for festive eye makeup looks. With a package inspired by a box of assorted chocolates, each palette features deliciously fragranced colors with silicone-coated powders that glide smoothly onto eyes.”


I purchased my palette from the shu uemura Canada website, but this palette is also available on . It retails for $115.00 CAD at both locations.

The palette measures approximately 14.5cm x 6.8cm x 1.4cm and weighs in at 99.7 g. It contains 8 shadows at 1.0 g each. If you’re considering just the eyeshadows, cost wise, you’re looking at $14.38 CAD per eyeshadow. However, since this is a collaboration, that fact will come in to play as far a retail price goes.


Screenshot taken from shu uemura website

(click to enlarge)

Images of this palette that were released on both sites, in my opinion, are fairly misleading.

I don’t have the dark cacao version, so I can’t speak to that one…but the images of the framboise berry palette appear much more purple/berry toned than the palette actually is in person. The swatches also seem a mile thick and not true to colour.


These photo’s have been taken under 5000k fluorescent lighting and I do edit my photo’s for as true to colour as I can get them. However, as always, all colours depend on each monitor/device screen.

In person, this palette is nowhere near as purple/berry…it’s more crimson/burgundy with some gold, light mauve tones and a matte warm brown and a cream shade. The palette is still lovely, it’s just not what, I think, is represented on the website.


The packaging of the palette is made to look like the chocolate squares you might find inside an actual box of La Maison du Chocolat chocolates and is executed well. It’s made of plastic, which, for some reason, I wasn’t expecting. Not gonna lie, when I unboxed it and slid it out from it’s plastic sleeve…I was slightly underwhelmed. I don’t even really know exactly what I was actually expecting, I just know that I was very underwhelmed on first impression of the palette packaging.


I get that the aim was to make the palette seem like you were opening a box of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat, however, I much prefer the outer box of the palette, as far as design goes…and might have preferred to see that design used on the palette itself, rather than the box, that will most likely get tossed in the recycling.

To have the actual palette represent the box of chocolates and the eyeshadows inside of the palette represent the chocolates…I dunno, I just think the boxes from La Maison du Chocolat are beautiful and to have the palette look like that would have been nice.


But, in all honesty, when an eyeshadow palette goes above the $50.00 mark, I become much more critical of the entire experience. When a palette goes above $100.00….I expect A LOT. I expect a spectacular experience. Like, you better blow my wig in to space because I could have bought 58 loaves of bread with that cash…

Side note: The description says: “…each palette features deliciously fragranced colors…” To be honest, I had no clue these shadows were supposed to be fragranced until I read that statement as I was starting to write this post. The fragrance is near non-existent, I mean, I need to get the nose all up in the shadow to detect much of a scent at all. Which I don’t mind, I’m not particularly looking for any shadow that’s overly scented…that’s not something of value to myself, in the overall experience. Just thought I’d mention, especially for those whom might be sensitive to scents.

On to the swatches…!


All swatches, also taken under 5000k fluorescent lighting. Foundation used, on both eye and arm swatches, was Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r in 180, for reference.


These shadows were easy to work with, blended easily. They also go above what I would normally expect from a Shu Uemura shadow. My experience, in the past, with their shadows was more like dealing with shadows from Asia…meaning less pigment, softer tones/shades/colours. This palette is much more pigmented than others I’ve tried from them previously. The formula is very nice. It is a beautiful palette. It should be, at that price point.

I’m definitely not here to tell you if you should buy this palette or not. Not at such a high price. My intent is to provide as close to real life swatches for others and possibly assist in your decision as to whether or not you’d like to spend your coin.


*This blog contains affiliate links*



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