Glossybox July 2016

Glossybox July 2016

Glossybox (Canada) July 2016    Cost:  $21.00 USD/month  (varies with subscription plan)  + $5.00 USD shipping/month    Glossybox can be found here:

Glossybox (Canada) July 2016

Cost:  $21.00 USD/month (varies with subscription plan) + $5.00 USD shipping/month

Glossybox can be found here:


     I just received my June Glossybox at the beginning of August.  I also just received my July Glossybox on August 15th.  

     Here's to hoping that August's Glossybox makes it here within the next two weeks!  Three months of subscription within one month would absolutely be some kind of record breaking of sorts somewhere, wouldn't it?  Yes!


Glov Quick Treat

Made in Poland.

     Glove Quick Treat - Full size, (included in box), approximate retail value: $5.04 CAD (this was converted from 14.90 Polish zloty.)  This Glov is basically designed to fit on one finger and is supposed to remove all makeup with just water.  It says no claims about waterproof makeup, so we'll have to see.  It's quite soft and I'm very interested in trying it out.

     They do make various sizes of this product.  Including one that seems to be made for "stronger makeup".  So, that one might be better suited for waterproof makeup, I'm assuming.  I'll try it out either way! 


Fango Essenziali Sheet Mask

Made in Korea.

     Fango Essenziali Sheet Mask - The full size is unknown.  Glossybox says it's one mask and it's $7.00 USD.  It looks like Macy's used to carry these?  It also seems is "Coming soon!"  So, if I try this mask and I happen to like it, sucks to be me.  I have no idea where to get more.

     If I do end up liking it, I'll just have to keep an eye on their website.  I do have one question though...if it's "5 minutes to WOW (or up to 25 minutes for additional enjoyment)", what might the word used be, after 25 minutes?  Hmmm?  I'll report back!


Eyeko Fat Stick - Satin

Made in PRC. (People's Republic of China)

     Eyeko Fat Stick - The full size is 4g / 0.14 oz?  I have no idea.  I can't find this anywhere on Eyeko's website or anywhere other than ebay and Glossybox.  So... we'll just make a guess that it's full size and go with it.  Retail value: approx. $12.00 USD.

     This colour is quite sheer and light.  It is a pretty colour, the closest that I have in my collection is Annabelle Twistup crayon in Taupe, but the Annabelle pulls warmer toned than this one.  The Annabelle Twistup also mostly sets on it's own. 

     The tip given on the product says: "After dabbing on your lids, be sure to blend quickly with fingertips before the shadow sets."  When I tested this shadow out, there was no setting of any kind.  Even after 10 minutes, I was able to wipe away the shadow, in it's entirety, including all the shadow that migrated in to my crease.  So, this'll be a stick shadow that must be used as a base only and set with a shadow on top of it.  It also migrated in to my eye and left me with a cloudy film over my eye for about an hour or two.


     Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick - Full size is 0.4 oz. / 12 ml.  We received a deluxe sized sample of 0.16 fl. oz / 5 ml.  Full sized retail value:  approx. $25.00 CAD.  The value of the sample is approximately $8.33 CAD.  

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick - Melted Chihuahua

Made in Italy.

     I received the colour Melted Chihuahua, (I don't know if everyone received the same colour?), it's described as a "Dusty Mauve" according to Sephora.  I'd have to agree.  This colour is so close to my natural lip colour, it's like my lips in a tube all liquified.  But not in a "my lips but better" way.  It just looks like I put nothing on at all.  I also have this formula in Melted Fuschia, and I'm not diggin' that colour either.  Oh well. 


Leighton Denny Miracle Mist

Made in the UK.

     Leighton Denny Miracle Mist - The full size is 2.53 fl. oz.  We received the full size in the box.  Retail value: approx. $16.00 USD ( ¬£12.00) or approx. $20.00 CAD 

     I've only tried this once so far.  When using this mist, you want to apply it after your final top coat, after waiting at least 60 seconds, then spray each nail.  It did seem to help quicken the dry time, but I want to try it out quite a few more times before giving a final verdict.


     Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse -  The full size is 3.3 fl. oz. / 100ml.  We received the full size in the box as well.  Retail value:  approx. $45.00 CAD  Nuxe is available in various places in Canada, including The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart etc...

Nuxe Dry Oil

Made in France.

     My first impression of this oil is..."Ooooh, Nuxe!"  I'm sure a lot of people have that reaction as well.  I've only tried this out on my hands so far.  It's definitely a dry oil and absorbs semi-quickly but not instantly.  We'll have to see how well it performs on other areas, including hair.  The boyfriend approved of the absorption rate, which is hard to get that approval on any product.  He did not, however, like the scent.  Men.


     July 2016 Glossybox (Canada), total approximate retail value of this month's box was $102.72 CAD.  That's after all current conversion rates.  The monetary value is there, as it usually is with Glossybox.  It just comes down to your preferences and if you'll actually get use out of the products sent.  Overall, a good month from Glossybox in my opinion.  Possibly just one or two products out of the bunch that might not get a lot of use.  Not bad, not bad.

     Did you receive July 2016 Glossybox?  Or considering subscribing?  Would love to hear your thoughts on it!


*Subscription purchased with cash-money.

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