Glossybox June 2016

Glossybox June 2016

Glossybox (Canada)

Cost:  $21.00 USD/month (varies with subscription plan) + $5.00 USD shipping/month

Glossybox can be found here:


     The June Glossybox that showed up on August 2nd.  The June Glossybox that spent 25 days doing it's own thing, taking it's own journey throughout the United States, doing everything it could, in it's power, to never....ever....cross the Canadian border.

     I know, First World problems....regardless.  When you fork out a full year's worth of subscription cash, in USD +shipping, ya kinda want that box to show up within the same month it's shipped.


     The box itself, this month, is really quite nice.  I like the design of it.  Can't say that I'm a big Tony Awards buff, but I'm diggin' the box.


June 2016 Glossybox


Vichy Laboratoires - Thermal Spa Water  1.69 fl. oz.  Approx value: $4.67 USD

Full Size: 5 fl. oz  Approx. Retail: $14.00 USD


Sebastian Professional - Shaper Fierce finishing hairspray  1.5 oz. / 43 g  Approx. Value: $2.69 USD

Full Size: 10.6 oz.  Approx. Retail: $19.00 USD


Tan Towel - Self-Tan Towelette   2 towels  Approx. Value: $5.40 USD

Full Size: 10 towels  Approx. Retail: $27.00 USD


LA Splash - Lip Lacquer High Pigment  Approx. Value: $18.00 USD

Full Size: Approx. Retail: $18.00 USD

Swatch taken in fluorescent light.


Icona Milano - Emotion Allowed Mascara (waterproof)  Approx. Value: $19.00 USD

Full Size: 0.34 fl. oz.  Approx. Retail: $19.00 USD


Caolion - Freshly Hydro Sheet Mask (1 mask)    Approx. Value: $7.00 USD

Full Size: 1 mask  Approx. Retail: $7.00 USD


     Alrighty, all said and done, approximate value of this month's Glossybox is $56.76 USD.  Will I use everything in this month's box?  Yep.  I'm just amazed that an actual waterproof mascara arrived in a subscription box, to be honest.

     Did you receive Glossybox for the month of June?  Have you tried any of these products?  I'd love to hear!  


*Subscription purchased with cash-money.

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Glossybox July 2016

Glossybox July 2016