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Holiday’s tiniest treats offer something a little more tinsellated. Whether you’re feeling golds or pinks, swipe on something sparkly wherever you’re craving shine with two mini Glitters and Pigments in each kit. $49.50 value.


Okay, let’s tackle that description first, shall we?…

”…swipe on something sparkly wherever you’re craving shine…”

Just don’t be “craving shine” on the lips or the eyes, is all.

The back of the packaging clearly states, (in regards to the 2 glitters), “CAUTION: NOT FOR USE IN THE LIP OR EYE AREA.”

Whomever was responsible for writing that description…well…yeah. And whomever approved that description…

This is obviously to cover themselves, should anyone choose to use these glitters on either their eye or lip area and something horrid happens because of it.

If a glitter isn’t cosmetic grade or food grade and you choose to use it on the eye or lip…well…if you haven’t seen this article …take it for what it’s worth. (Article is graphic.)

Personally, glitters like these, although tempting to place on the eyelid…especially that holographic one…I wouldn’t. I would reserve these glitters for things like my nails, but even then, there’s always the chance you could rub your eye with semi-chipping nails…

Point is, just be careful. Really careful.


The packaging.

Meh. It’s fine.

This isn’t the greatest packaging that MAC has ever released, in my honest opinion. I mean, it’s a plastic foiled ziploc bag avec jagged edges, with cheapie molded, slightly more solid, plastic on the inside to house the actual mini jars. Don’t be expecting any sort of luxe-ness with this and you won’t be disappointed.




This set comes with 2 mini pigments and 2 mini glitters.

@$35.50 CAD for the set, that makes each mini $8.88 each. A regular MAC mini pigment retails for $12.00 CAD.


MAC Mini Glitter & Pigments: PINK / Shiny Pretty Things

$35.50 CAD

L to R: Pink Opal, Pink Hologram, Heliotrope, Bright Fuchsia


Swatches taken under 5000K fluorescent lighting. Video swatch should be up on my Instagram shortly.

Shades offered in this set are very pretty. I have zero intention of purchasing the other set, too many repeats for myself. If pigments and loose glitters are your jam, I can’t see being disappointed with this set. Is it necessary? It’s makeup…none of it is necessary.



M.A.C. Look in a Box - Downtown Diva

M.A.C. Look in a Box - Downtown Diva